Welcome to Capital Tailoring

We provide alteration, bespoke and made to measure services
Located in London, UK

We pride ourselves in giving you the quality, fit and affordability

We offer high quality affordable tailoring using our passion and our commitment to design and quality.

Located in London, Capital Tailoring brings to you the ultimate convenience.


All our work is done by us to the highest quality and standards in our workshops in London. Work is hand finished, hand stitched linings and hand sewn button-holes.

Bespoke tailors

Bespoke tailors are rare in London. We craft suits and clothing to extreme comfort and fit.


You will receive a warm welcome if you choose to visit us, if you are you not sure what alteration to do to your garments we provide you advice and assistance.
Capital Tailoring
Capital Tailoring

Our Story

There are considerable and various reasons why you may find that your clothes are to be tailored.

Evidence based, Shop-bought clothing often does not fit the buyer therefore, sometimes a garment may be too long in places, and require shortening.


Traditional tailoring craft using the latest industry best practices