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Jacket Alterations

At Capital Tailoring, we can provide alterations to Jackets ranging from shortening sleeves, to reducing side seams and closing vents, whilst keeping the original detail.

  1. Shorten Sleeves from Shoulder
  2. Shorten Sleeves from Cuff
  3. Lenghten Sleeves
  4. Taper Sleeves
  5. Sleeves to Make Working Cuff
  6. Shorten Jacket
  7. Reduce Side Seam
  8. Reduce Centre Seam
  9. Reduce Side Seam Bespoke
  10. Taper Chest Bespoke
  11. Taper Seam Front To The Pocket
  12. Square Back Neck from Shoulder
  13. Square Back Neck One Pin
  14. Narrow Shoulder
  15. Velvet Collar Fitting
  16. Close Vent
  17. Relining Sleeves
  18. Relining Body Only

Trouser Alterations

We do all trouser and jean alterations. If you are not happy with the fit of your trousers, it may be too wide on the leg, too big on the waist or requires a new zip or remove belt loops and add side edges. Also we can add satin saddle for crotch for trousers. For all trouser and jean alterations we are here to help you.

  1. Shorten Trouser
  2. Lengthen Trouser
  3. Take In/Let Out Waist
  4. Half Taper
  5. Full Leg Taper
  6. All Seam Taper – Outside/Inside Leg
  7. Reduce Fork & Centre Seam
  8. Let Out Fork & Piece
  9. Shorten Pocket
  10. Pocket Making Side Pair
  11. New Zip
  12. Lower Band all Around
  13. Half Lower Band
  14. Remove Loop/Add Side Adjusters
  15. Add Satin Sadle

Ladies Alterations

We can alter dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, coats and even wedding dresses. When you lose or gain weight, definitely your favourite clothes don’t fit, therefore they need restyling, alterations or need repairing, Capital Tailoring is one phone call away from you.


  1. Shorten
  2. Take In Shoulders
  3. Take In Side Seam
  4. New Zip


  1. Shorten
  2. Take In/Let Out
  3. Taper Side


  1. Shorten Sleeve Move with Vent
  2. Taper Sleeves
  3. Taper Side
  4. Full Taper Sleeve & Body
  5. Add Darts Back

Suit Alterations

We will ensure that every detail – from the original suit is retained – from the stitch patterns used to the colour of the thread.

Whether losing or gaining weight we can help. We can even alter suits if weight loss means a 2 or 3 size change is required.

  1. Take in or let out the sides
  2. Narrow shoulders
  3. Shorten / lengthen sleeves
  4. Shorten / Lengthen the jacket
  5. Adjust lapel shape
  6. Reline Jacket

Shirts Alterations

We can make made to measure shirts or alter or your shirt as you require.

  1. Shorten Sleeve Move with Vent
  2. Taper Sleeves
  3. Taper Side
  4. Full Taper Sleeve & Body
  5. Add Darts Back

Waistcoat Alterations

We can take in or let out or even change back lining.

  1. Take in Side
  2. Take in Shoulder
  3. Move Buttons
  4. Back Lining

Leather Alterations

We have a full alteration service for leather.

  1. Shorten Length
  2. Shorten Sleeve from Cuff
  3. Shorten from Shoulder
  4. Taper Side
  5. Taper Sleeve

Coat Alterations

We have a full alteration service for coats, including to change full lining.

  1. Shorten Length
  2. Taper Side
  3. Shorten Sleeves from Cuff
  4. Shorten from Shoulder
  5. Narrow Shoulder
  6. Change Full Lining